Reduce dust and waste. Improve worker safety. Choose Environasponge for excellent surface treatment.

Environasponge is specifically designed for surface treatment in low dust work environments.

Envirasponge is an abrasive that has been encapsulated inside the sponge. If you choose Environasponge, you can get excellent surface treatment, and it is eco-friendly and safe and sustainable.

Environmental can be surface prepare in limited space without affecting sensitive equipment, which can improve productivity and reduce equipment downtime.

The advantages of sponge blast

  1. Low Dust - Dust and debris are absorbed into Sponge, reducing dust by 98% compared to conventional Blast
  2. Excellent surface treatment, quality and cleanliness up to Sa 2.5 or Sa. 3 grade
  3. Safely work in a limited environment
  4. Protection of sensitive equipment/assets
  5. Recyclable - Up to 94% less waste than conventional Blast
  6. Reduced rework due to increased worker visibility.
  7. Excellent operator safety - Low energy abrasive when rebounded
  8. Reduced Downtime - Work concurrently with other tasks in a less dust environment.
  9. Dry Surface Treatment - Water is not used to suppress dust, reducing the possibility of corrosion compared to wet systems
  10. Improved surface treatment and chloride removal - Removes 60% more chloride than conventional blast
  11. Can form 0 to 125의 surface roughness on steel surface

Blast equipment



Capacity 100 litres
Width 101 cm
Depth 95 cm
Height 112 cm
Weight 230 kg
Blast Time 10 minutes
Output 56-115 psi
Pressure (5-8 bra)


Capacity 200 litres
Width 105 cm
Depth 112 cm
Height 140 cm
Weight 315 kg
Blast Time 20 minutes
Output 56-115 psi
Pressure (5-8 bra)
MG500 DSCF4194_0097


Capacity 500 litres
Width 92 cm
Depth 150 cm
Height 185 cm
Weight 415 kg
Blast Time 40-100 min.
Output 56-115 psi
Pressure (5-8 bra)


ES Regrader (stickered) without buckets

EnviraSponge Premium Grade Media

17 types of media allow you to choose the media that meets your needs

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